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Richard Khor & ezTagile Presents...

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  Genius Simplicity: The ADKAR Model  

Mastering the Challenges of Organizational Change

Come and learn about how to beat the organizational change failure. 

Great things never came from comfort zones.  


  • Learn about the 5 key elements of ADKAR.  What you must have to do first to achieve a successful organizational change.

  • Tunneling and guiding.  The best wild example of this model in a real-world situation.


  • Stop saying “change is hard” and learn how can you apply the ADKAR model in your organization and personal life.

  • Find out a quick guide to matching individual change with the stages of the organizational change


In this webinar:


Meet Our Guest Speaker

Richard Khor started his career as a Developer with a passion for solving problems, creating products, and delivering values into the organization. Along the way, he has been an Architect, Manager, and Director. In his journey, he has learned and discovered that we all need a combination of people, product, and process to bring greatness to business.

With more than 103K views on his YouTube channel, Richard helps individuals with practical tips in their Agile journey.

“I fell into the world of Agile and this is where my passion lies. I found that the Agile mindset is the key to unlocking happiness for individuals and the organization.” - Richard Khor

Richard Khor

Storyteller, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Youtuber

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