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Art Pittman & ezTagile Presents...

  Conflict? What Conflict?  

Making a Disagreement Work!

If you’re human, you’re going to experience conflict. Can’t deal with it? Here’s a fix.


  • Uncover 5 different conflict styles and when to use which one. Spoiler alert, while you can’t avoid all conflict all the time, there are some situations where avoiding conflict is the preferred style. Who knew?

  • Learn simple research-supported steps to work through and better manage it. BTW, the term “conflict resolution” is no longer used. The more appropriate term these days is “conflict management”. We’ll learn why that is too.


  • Is individual conflict the same as conflict within teams?  And how to use the best conflict style in each situation?

  • Discover some proven tactics to better address conflicts ONLINE;  given that we are all living and working in a virtual world


In this webinar:


Meet Our Guest Speaker


Art Pittman is a Leadership Coach and an Agile Coach. He not only works with and coaches individuals, teams, and leaders across organizations but also teaches and trains other Coaches to grow their own coaching skills.


Art is an ICF Professional Certified Coach as well as an Executive Coach with The Center for Creative Leadership. His mission in life is to "help people act more human at work". His experience includes working at various financial services, higher education, and information technology companies.


Art Pittman

Leadership Coach/ Agile Coach

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