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     5 Tips to Run a Flawless Sprint Planning Session 





Effective Sprint planning is the difference between success and failure. Most Sprint failures can be easily avoided with adequate backlog management and thoughtful Sprint planning.  In this webinar, we’ll be discussing 5 easy tips that can help you fix unproductive  Sprint planning sessions.


In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Backlog Refinement and Prioritization

  2. Pre-plan

  3. Set a Sprint Goal

  4. No Overload - Active Team Commitment

  5. Retrospect and Refine your process


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Featured Speaker:


Jackie Owino

Principal Atlassian Engineer

DevOps Solutions Architect

and Instructor

Jackie has 20+ years of working in IT, primarily in Software Engineering and Release Management. She has extensive experience leading and coaching organizations in their adoption of Agile frameworks and supporting ALM collaboration tools.  
Her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with Atlassian’s suite of products enables her to effectively tailor savvy solutions to the needs of her clients.   
Jackie is an Atlassian Certified JIRA Administrator(ACP-100), Atlassian Certified Agile Development with JIRA Software (ACP-300) Certified Scaled Agile Framework Agilist (SA®), Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM®). 

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