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- Our Vision -

"Provide sensible, innovative and scalable Agile solutions"

Who We Are

ezTagile is a full-service Agile Solutions firm with our headquarters located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. 


We cultivate T-shaped skills and we Tailor our Agile solutions to fit the needs of our clients and produce immediate business results. Our evolutionary model transforms organizations' cultures, solves business problems, and expedites ROI. 


We have developed a highly transparent, collaborative environment to foster our mutually supportive, exploratory culture. We strongly value flexibility and innovation. 


We foster an agile leadership mindset from executives to individual contributors, through Tailored consulting, training, and coaching.

What We Bring

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Atlassian Services:

We provide tool enablement, training, consulting, and implementation for the following Atlassian tools and more:

Jira Software, Jira Align, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and

Jira Core.

Agile Solutions:

Our experienced team of agilists are thought leaders, business agility strategists, instructors, and hands-on consultants in the field. We provide Agile Transformations, Assessments, Training, Coaching, and DevOps/DevSecOps strategies.  

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Some of Our Team's Experience:


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Our Values


  • People First

  • Customer Obsessed

  • Inspiring the Future

  • Openness

  • Ownership

We believe people come first! We promote wellness, equity, diversity, and inclusion by embracing our differences and giving back. That means taking care of our customers, team members, and community.

If it seems like we bring up our customers a lot, that's because we do. We're customer-obsessed, and our services are value-driven. We are dedicated to providing quality EVERY TIME for EVERY CUSTOMER.

Inspiring the future is more than a beautiful intention. It's a necessity. As a company dedicated to delivering excellence, we have no choice but to innovate. It's about being forward-thinking, first and best in the market, and making sure that each tomorrow is a brighter one than the last. ​​


ezTagile relies on openness to create a culture of excellence and honesty.  We are accountable, communicative, and feedback-driven. We embrace diverse thoughts and provide our customers with the quality service these ideas produce.

We live and breathe ownership because we know that when people are empowered to take responsibility and get things done, the efficiency and dedication of the whole team improve. ​ ​

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More than just an Agile Firm

We donate our time to these organizations, and the list is growing.


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