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Case Studies


Industry: Financial Technology Company

Users: +50K Associates

Training and Coaching: Agile Portfolio Management, Scrum and Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE), Business Agility, Lean-Agile Leadership, and Team Empowerment

Products: Atlassian Cloud, Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Align, DevOps & Automation, Atlassian Access

Our case studies are a great place to read about some of our success stories. See how our team has helped organizations overcome challenges and increase revenue and efficiency. To protect the confidentiality of our clients, we have omitted or changed names and details in the case studies below. 


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When ezTagile first began working with FinTech, the Financial Technology company had already adopted agile. However, like many large organizations seeking change, they struggled to fully and consistently adopt agile practices. 

High Level Goals

  • Overcome change resistance and commit to agile ways of working

  • Correct inconsistent use of agile practices 

  • Correct inconsistent use of agile collaboration and development tools 

  • Better organize and work with distributed teams

  • Improve trust and communication issues  



Industry: Education Technology 

Users: 150 - 200 Associates

Products: Jira Software, Portfolio for Jira, Confluence, Integration of Zephyr Test and Defect Management with Jira

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How the IT Department at EduTech is using agile practices and the

T-shaped skills to collaborate and improve their overall efficiency and set the stage for automation

and mature DevOps best practices.

High Level Goals

  • Select a backlog management tool that supports scaling and key integrations with SCM

  • Provide visibility across portfolios and pipeline forecasting

  • Set up holistic release management and communication processes

  • Institute project health indicators/progress as it relates to status, schedule, resource allocation, and budget

  • Institute some methods or means for dependency management

First Flight Inc.

Industry: Aerospace and Defense

Users: 78K Associates

Service: Agile Transformation

eztagile case studies_FINAL4.jpg

First in Flight, Inc.

We were thrilled by the amazing work from the IMS Leaders, Engineering Management, Product Management, and team members that worked hard to understand the process of agile adoption and portfolio management across their organizational units.


  • Built cadence, synchronization, and alignment.

  • Decided on a single dynamic agile planning tool for the organization that  provided transparency, traceability, and progress at all levels of IMS Engineering

  • Improved agile education across several departments

  • Improved management processes

Invest Today, Inc.

Industry: Financial Investment

Users: 19K Associates

Service: Enterprise and Executive Agile Coaching

eztagile case studies_FINAL5.jpg

Invest Today Inc.

Invest Today, Inc. had a new lab environment and needed ezTagile’s help to create real-life situations and manage agile planning as well as the build and release. 

High Level Goals

  • Create an enterprise and executive agile coaching model

  • Provide agile coaching for the team of the new lab environment 

  • Deliver scrum training, leadership training, and transformation consulting

  • Establish tool best practices and better collaboration between teams and leadership

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