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There is a lot of work to be done about diversity and inclusion, the key is starting. 


COVID-19 has laid bare the systemic oppression that is at the root of inequality around the world. Companies are looking at their diversity and inclusion programs and policies, which is a crucial step in creating a more inclusive workplace for everyone.


There are countless ways to invest in diversity and inclusion.  At ezTagile, we have created

the ezT StandUp Initiative.


Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion

in the Agile Community

Join us in helping to build systems that embrace diversity in all its forms!

What is ezT StandUp?

Setting The Agile Narrative for Diversity &

Untapping Potential

ezT StandUp is an innovative diversity and inclusion initiative designed by ezTagile to provide a space for traditionally underrepresented groups in higher education.


The goal of StandUp is to empower higher education students so they can take action now to become the Agile Leaders of tomorrow.

Want to learn more and join the

ezT StandUp network? 

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Our mission is to educate and challenge the curiosity of underrepresented groups so they can be the agile leaders of tomorrow.


Our vision is to cultivate an agile mindset in tomorrow’s leaders.

How diverse is the agile industry?


  • Unfortunately, publications on minority representation within the agile industry are not readily available.

  • ​Historically, agile was rooted in software development and it has since evolved across other verticals. However, given its roots and prominence among Technology and Fortune 500 companies, it is ideal to examine the minority representation within these types of companies to leverage the available statistics regarding their overall diversity, as a window into how diverse is the agile industry.​

  • Overall, the representation of women and minorities within Technology and Fortune 500 companies is improving, but still has serious room to grow. Hispanic/Latinx and Black/African American representation are the lowest, especially when considering their representation among the general population. 

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Join us in helping to build systems that embrace diversity in all its forms!

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