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Our Clients Are Our Greatest Assets 


Creating a Trusted Partnership

We are always working on ways to make what we have got even better for our customers. By filling out the survey below, you are making a positive impact on ezTagile's growth, and in turn, the quality of service we are able to provide to you and other partners. 

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M. Walker

Business Analyst/Functional Consultant/Agile Coach, IPF

"I’ve enjoyed the energy of the meetup hosted by ezTagile. I'm coming from a blank-slate space trying to learn as much as possible, and I admit I didn't understand some of the frameworks at the beginning. I loved the real-world examples that you provided as well as the basics of the variety of frameworks in the market. I look forward to future events and more real-world examples."

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Paul Barret

Enterprise Agile Leadership Coach


"ezTagile carried detailed and engaging workshops that took the business along the Agile journey with excellent energy and enthusiasm, proving more than capable of answering any questions from her many years of Agile experience, whilst being personable and approachable."

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Sylvia Steere


“I have worked for Camille at two different companies, and I have learned a great deal from her. She is an excellent leader, a great diplomat/politician when working with the execs and the clients, and a fabulous motivator for her teams. She does a fantastic job of leading by example, and her commitment to both the team and the client is why I chose to come to Connecture for another opportunity to work with and for her. She has a sharp mind and a very good long-term corporate vision, which has made her very good at setting up things like a PMO or a BACOE. She made a huge impact on what Connecture was doing as a company, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Director to come in and get their PMO or BACOE either set up or whipped into shape!"

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P. Reddy

Global Embedded Program Route Manager at Red Hat

"I had the privilege of working with ezTagile in a complex data warehouse project. Camille is very knowledgeable of the Agile software development process and she introduced me to the Scrum development framework in the project. This gave me a very good sense of project progress and pipeline of requirements. In addition, Camille was very friendly and approachable bringing issues to the forefront well in advance. This set expectations of delivery and mitigated any risks."

"Jackie was exceptional in providing solutions to the problems we faced. She quickly understood our needs, listened to our pain points, and came up with several solutions for us to consider. Her ability to track down challenging questions, learn about new solutions, and present them clearly and concisely is an absolute strength of hers. Additionally, she presented to our broader team, providing both overviews of the solution and training on tools.”

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J. Andrade

Manager, Client Success at Akoya

“Sometimes people come into the workplace and accelerate through everything… What I love about Jackie is her work ethic, her patience with me, and her tremendous tenacity. I've been around the block as a leader and as an agile coach. Understanding techniques is one thing. But having the personal character and drive to accept and meet any challenge with gusto is, quite frankly, special. I highly recommend Jackie Owino as a Project Manager, as a Scrum Master, but most importantly, as a great person.”

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Bob Galen

RGALEN Consulting Group, LLC Agile Consulting, Training and Coaching

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