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The 5 Best Ways to Use Jira Service Management

When business conditions embrace change by investing in digital transformation and empower people to work in new ways, the magic just happens!

Though I could go over and over about all the ins and outs of Jira Service Management, here I explain my top 5 favorite components and the best ways to use JSM.

  1. Serve your enterprise at scale: Even as your user base increases, the fast reliable service of Jira remains the same, always providing uninterrupted access to your team across networks.

  2. Prevent service outages: Hardware failure can come out of nowhere, luckily Jira has built-in disaster recovery to ensure your business can continue operating after recovery. 

  3. Expand service capacity instantly: Customers have access to one central service desk making it easy to provide customer support when necessary. 

  4. Keep your data secure: All data is secured behind a firewall, meaning confidential information is kept safe in the rare occurrence of a cyber-attack.

  5. Leverage our tools for pain-free communication: Jira features SSO, known as single sign-on, so users can access multiple tools with one set of credentials, creating a hassle-free log-in experience.

JSM in Action

When COVID-19 hit last year, businesses had to do a total 180, especially restaurants. According to recent data from Yelp, 16,000 restaurants have permanently closed since March of 2020. Although 75% of restaurants don’t expect to have profit this year, others, such as Domino’s Pizza, are doing exceptionally well.

What exactly did the company do? While many businesses closed last year, Domino’s was pushed to bolster its delivery options. The vision of the leadership team was to find ways to scale the company to develop new ways to interact with consumers during the pandemic. Their successful approach involved implementing Jira Service Management.

Dominos rolled out a curbside pickup option, expanding service capacity instantly. They saw their sales and stock prices soar; even as other restaurants continued to struggle. 

Their Senior Application Security Engineer, Michael Sheppard, explained that Jira Service Management helped them deliver more pizza faster than ever before. Their team only had to focus on one application (pain-free communication), which also keeps customer data secure.

To sum it all up, the 5 highlighted components of JSM could be applied to any business. Every company wants to scale, have secure data, prevent outages, and have one tool that keeps their distributed teams connected and focused. Every business needs to empower its people to work in a new way. Jira Service Management is a great way to accomplish these goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about JSM, feel free to contact us at

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