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Improve Your Visibility With Jira

Three Tips To Inspire You In Your Next Project!

Almost every team has struggled with visibility, both internally and externally. Even in agile organizations, teams tend to assume that their requests are the most important item in the other team’s workload and stakeholders become frustrated because the building, testing, and release of the project are taking forever!

Jira Software can help with visibility and trust issues. If you are not familiar with Jira, we can simply define it as a part of a family of Atlassian products designed to help teams of all types manage work. Here we share our TOP THREE TIPS to help with cross-team visibility, traceability, and reporting.

1. Create an appropriate roadmap. A roadmap in agile development provides crucial context for the team's everyday work and should be responsive to shifts in the competitive landscape. It also helps to track your work in one place.

2. Set up multiple board integrations for different teams and allow them to share work and align without having to log into two places and track two boards.

3. Define Jira participants and stakeholders. Jira’s flexible permission controls make it easy to give all stakeholders permissions into the workload, velocity, and delivery of work.

In every organization, there should be a natural view of seeing which groups of people are responsible for a stream of work. An effective way to do this is through Jira Software and other Atlassian tools. To make the best of this product we advise learning how to utilize roadmaps and board integrations.

As an Atlassian partner solution, we work hard to help improve your experience with Atlassian tools and its functionalities. Have a question? We are happy to help. Send any questions to or just set up a FREE 30-minute meeting at

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