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The Recipe of Self-Leadership (From a College Student)

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

"I have had the opportunity while being in college to use the Agile methodology to improve the function of my day to day operations"...

We are constantly focusing on a multitude of things whether that be work, kids, bills, or in my case; class, friends, and still…bills (does that ever change?). Though being focused on tasks is the norm for most people, this need not be the case.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect time to take some of that focus and energy to fight the battle within. For instance, take the time to develop those leadership skills everyone seeks. Here is my recipe for a list of steps that can be repeated in iterative and short timeboxes:

  • Prep Time: How long did it take you to read this blog?

  • Cook Time: Every day. (Growing is a never-ending process)

  • Be Aware: Agile transcends more than just the professional world, it can be used in many aspects of life. I have had the opportunity while being in college to use the Agile methodology to improve the function of my day to day operations. Much like the Agile methodology, self-leadership is an everchanging process that can be achieved in Sprints.

  • Ingredients: Just one! A brilliant individual on a journey of self-improvement. (Pssst secret ingredient: A copious amount of will power and determination).


  1. Define who you think you are; not how others see you or what people think of you, but how you see yourself.

  2. Design. Take a second to write down who you want to be. (Ideal version of you).

  3. Develop. The design has been done, but how will it work? Look at the list you have created and find areas in your life where you could implement these characteristics and habits. You will need to adapt your lifestyle, so it Is suitable for your newly designed self. The process of self-leadership and refocusing starts with knowing where you want to go.

  4. Test. Does anything feel different, are you more motivated? Do you feel like you have redefined your purpose? Great! If not, maybe dig a little deeper back at steps two and three.

  5. Deploy. You have completed all the steps and made it to deployment! You are your client when you feel that you need an “update”, or a new mindset, just start a new sprint with the same tasks.

  6. Enjoy the process!

I have found that once you focus on being in control of yourself and set a destination for where your leadership will take you, most everything else falls into place. Take control of your life and convey in a positive attitude in everything you do.

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