Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!

Happy ezT anniversary! Let's keep on inspiring others.

This is the perfect time to remember that teamwork makes the dream work. We at ezTagile are grateful for our employees, customers, and partners who have helped us to be where we are. However, if there is ever a bold and empathetic leadership story written, it will start with our founder and CEO, Camille Spruill.

ezTagile would still be a dream without Camille's vision. Her drive and dedication made our business possible. Our beautiful journey has been full of twists, turns, and a lot of bumpy roads. Here, we've compiled a snip interview of the ezT Story, as we celebrate our anniversary month.

Getting to know our CEO, Camille Spruill

How did you get involved in the IT industry?

It was during the mid-90s, after graduating from high school, that my dad bought me my first computer. With lots of excitement, my mission was to not only learn how to use it, but understand the engine behind the screen. Since that day, I instantly fell in love with technology and never looked back. I followed my dream, first, in college pursuing my Associate in Applied Science Degree in Computer Programming and then with my Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems. Later, I achieved a series of professional information technology certifications and gained extensive hands-on experience.

How did you get involved with Agile?

I got hooked on the Agile tech scene in 2007 when I was introduced to Agile while working in the local State Government as a Business Analyst and Project Manager. The amazing experience of true team collaboration to speed up the build, test, and deployment process ─ without the unnecessary overhead and series of formalities and titles ─ and delivering a product on time as planned made me promise to seek Agile opportunities in exclusion. The Agile methodology proved to be a sharp and efficient way of working while using the very same stages of software development.

What can you tell us about the bumps, cracks, and obstacles in the Agile industry?