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SAFe Case Studies

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Since 2011 hundreds of the largest organizations have experienced the benefits of SAFe®. Some of the results include a 35% increase in productivity, a 50% increase in quality, a 50% faster time-to-market and a 30% increase in both employee engagement and job satisfaction. Learn how some of the world's most successful brands are using SAFe® (1)

After the initial deployment, the division rolled out SAFe® to the rest of the organization, training up to 600 people. Fannie Mae worked with external coaches to deliver:

• Leading SAFe® • SAFe® for Teams • SAFe® Scrum Master • SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager


  • Releases happen EVERY MONTH, instead of once or twice a year

  • Teams deliver more than 30 attributes per sprint compared to 2 – 5 before

  • Velocity increased from 10 story points to more than 30

  • Reduced delivery risks

Thales conducted a SAFe® Quickstart implementation approach, including: • SAFe® for Teams • Two days of Program Increment (PI) planning • SAFe® Scrum Master


  • Reduced software release cycle time by 30%

  • Lowered cost per size point by 25%

  • Reduced solution rework by 20 %