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How to Earn Leadership Buy-In

Once you’ve seen the benefits of Agile, it’s common to be excited and ready to start implementing the new practices and procedures you’ve learned. After all, time is money, and you’re sure this is the right step for your team and organization.

So, what’s stopping you? Well, if you’re like many of the Agile converts we’ve met, it may be that you aren't sure how to go about earning leadership buy-in. If that’s the case, we have a few suggestions to help you make your next move.

Be Informed

The first step is always to be informed about Agile, its benefits, and its process. Much of this can be achieved by personal research, but some information is better, if not solely, shared through direct communication. It is important to ask questions of leadership, mid-management, team members, and Agile coaches. And remember, this step should be revisited to make sure your information is accurate and that your leadership team has your idea on their minds.

Find a Champion The next step is to be sure you have (at least) one champion to help support you and your cause. This person can answer some of the questions listed above, help persuade leadership, provide some recommendations, and may even be able to assist with implementation if you’re able to get the buy-in you seek.

Build & Make Your Best Pitch

Lastly, it’s important to give the best possible pitch to management. The information you present should be targeted, accurate, well-practiced, and refined. The transition to Agile, while well worth it, can also be a significant endeavor, and making that leap requires a good reason.

And Remember... Persistence is key! The steps we’ve provided, while effective, are not a guarantee of success. Asking once and forgetting about it will get you to know where, so it is important to remember that the confidence, commitment, and persistence you exhibit will be an important tool for earning leadership buy-in. To be taken seriously and have your suggestions considered, it is extremely important to provide reminders and communicate your commitment to your idea.

Moving towards Agile can be a big step and one that we absolutely believe is worth endorsing. But embracing change, and convincing others that they should do the same can be difficult. We hope these suggestions make that part of the process a little bit easier. Good luck with your Agile endeavors and welcome to the community!

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