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Cloud or On-Premise?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Five Main Reasons From Business Leaders Who Have Moved To The Cloud

We recently met with a client who asked us about the differences between having Atlassian Products on the Cloud vs On-premise. Atlassian is undoubtedly pushing all its products to the cloud and they have great reasons for taking this strategy.

If you are undecided between Cloud vs On-premise, we have summarized the 5 main reasons from business leaders who have moved to the cloud.

  1. 76% of business leaders surveyed* say they're moving to the cloud to improve the speed of IT service delivery

  2. If you are familiar with network performance. The cloud definitely will improve this process (Network performance measures the service quality of a network seen by the customer)

  3. The cloud also offers uptime guarantees, which means having a peace of mind knowing that your systems will be available and working normally without any interruption

  4. Have the possibility of gaining instant access to the latest features, security upgrades, and bug fixes which shortens your IT team’s to-do list. Don’t want to scale automatically? Cloud offers other options

  5. Finally, embracing migration is an opportunity to improve speed and productivity and streamline the internal process.

In terms of which one is more expensive, one of the biggest opportunities for cost and time savings is definitely in the cloud and can be found in everything from IT time to server replacements, support, maintenance, and software renewal licensing (and over-licensing), etc.

Let us know how we can help! Whether you’re an advanced Agile methodologist, or just starting this path and have some questions about Agile, Jira, or any other Atlassian tools, we’ll be happy to talk with you at no charge. Just set up a 30-minute meeting at ( or send us an email to

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