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3 Lessons From Working With Atlassian Products!

We have seen lots of different opinions among people using Atlassian products. What is considered flexible for some might seem rigid for others. Some teams love additional features while others want to keep everything simple and intuitive. The more people get hands-on with one tool, the more ambiguity develops around usability and specific features.

At ezTagile, we believe that no tool can substitute the process of communication in the team. If you are already using Jira or any other Atlassian tool, you can try to learn as much as you can to achieve better results. We always recommend the following:

1. Have a Transformation Core Team. These are formed to collaboratively facilitate and drive the transformation forward. An Agile transformation core team consists of change agents who are accountable for the implementation of the transformation through business agility and tool enablement.​

2. Get Training to prevent harming the overall performance.

3. Create good integration between Atlassian tools ─ Integrations will keep your teams connected, save you time, and increase productivity in the team.

As an Atlassian partner solution, we work hard to help improve your experience with Atlassian tools and its functionalities. Have a question? We are happy to help. Send any questions to

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